Private Label Wine

We have been producing private label wine since 2003. During these years of working with quality suppliers and service providers, coupled with our wine making and blending skills, we developed the experience to promise our customers a sustainable, high quality product on time.




  • Facilitate the design of packaging material
  • Ensure that designs comply with the legal requirements of each country
  • Source and blend wine to the preferred style.
  • Production in glass bottles in different shapes, colours and sizes.
  • 6 or 12 bottles per carton
  • Natural cork, synthetic cork or screw cap closures
  • Bag-in-box wines
  • Sparkling wines
  • Fairtrade wines
  • Organic wines

Production capacity & lead times


  • 2 million bottles per month
  • First order – 6 to 8 weeks
  • Follow-up order – 3 to 4 weeks