About Us

In 2001 Danie Kritzinger and Herman Nell came together and over a bottle of wine decided to start a wine export company. That was the beginning of Zidela Wines, which since that noble start, has grown into a formidable family orientated business with the next generation of both families already involved in the business and the third generation looming on the horizon. Both founding members have many years of experience in the South African Wine Industry – Danie as Manager, Winemaker and Wine Buyer and Herman as Winemaker, Quality Control manager and is also a master in the art of wine blending and all the production processes.

Our company philosophy to build strong relationships with trustworthy partners in different parts of the world, led to our success in 14 countries. The decision to focus on the production of Private Label Brands was taken back in 2003 and today we know it was the correct approach.

The company operates from Stellenbosch in the Western Cape as a well-established wine exporter of both bottled and bulk wine. Since 2001 the company grew steadily and is today capable of producing 2 million bottles per month and sourcing of bulk wine from all the wine regions in South Africa.